Spread the Word: My Kid Can Read!

Reading gets derailed for kids with attention deficit when they struggle with memory problems, slow processing speed, or learning disabilities like dyslexia. But with his symptoms eased and his focus improved, my son now makes reading look easy.

Close up of word "learning" highlighted in dictionary belonging to ADHD person

Here’s what my nine-year-old son Edgar’s reading teacher wrote this week: “Strong vocabulary and high interest; motivation levels are hallmarks of Edgar’s work in reading. He has outgrown my expectations, and he should be proud of his continuous hard work. He is remarkable!”

A year and a half ago I couldn’t fathom hearing these words, though my heart knew what was under the shroud of undiagnosed ADHD.

Instead, phrases such as “lack of progress,” “behavior room,” and “not meeting benchmarks” were bandied about and then cemented in my consciousness. These words gave me nightmares because, as a high-school English teacher, I knew where such “terming” could lead.

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