6 facts about bipolar disorder that you should know

2. Bipolar disorder is not easy to diagnose as the symptoms vary from one extreme to other and often goes unnoticed.

More than the person who is suffering from the disorder, it is easier for a caregiver or a family member to identify the symptoms, provided that they know about them. Often people suffering from this condition have problems channelizing their thoughts.

The symptoms of a manic episode constitute of high energy levels, being in high spirits, having innumerable ideas or thoughts (where nothing gets executed). During the mania episode, a person might not even have the urge to sleep but will be driven with energy to achieve all those crisscrossed ideas that are generating in the brain. However, the red flag is that none of the ideas get to see the light of day due to shifting focus and lack of concentration. This should be a sign for a caregiver to worry. One should know that inability to put ideas into action is not just a result of work stress, especially when followed by a depressive episode later. Here are eight modern-day symptoms of depression that you should know.

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