6 facts about bipolar disorder that you should know

3. Even during the mania episodes the thoughts that one experiences are not destructive

When the mind is bombarded with too many thoughts and ideas, they don’t appear to be destructive, at least not on the face of it. A person might want to multitask and feel energetic enough to take control over the situation. However, nothing materialises out of it. The person’s thoughts jump from one idea to another with little room for execution or better-coping skills. This is also called hypermania, a subcategory of bipolar disorder. It presents with sporadic behaviour in people like taking an impromptu decision to start a business or to go on an unplanned trip to unwind. The thoughts or ideas are not destructive, but they are followed by an episode of low, later. A lesser extreme version is hypomania, characterised by less need of sleep, high energy levels, ranging ideas with the requisite productive output. However, hypomania can manifest as a subtle symptom of the bipolar disease.

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