6 facts about bipolar disorder that you should know

4. There can be specific triggers that can provoke an extreme mood (depressive or manic episode)

Most of the time the underlying causes for bipolar disorder is genetic or happen due to some biochemical changes in the brain. However, stress, substance abuse, lack of coping skills could lead to an episode.

5. Bipolar disorder is a chronic condition and needs prolonged attention

The challenge with this condition is not many people come to terms with the symptoms easily. It is either a high point or a low note. People who do come forward to seek help visit a therapist or a psychiatrist while facing a depressive episode. Often they are escorted by a caregiver. Especially, if the depressive episode is followed by a mania episode, it becomes easy to identify. Some people need long time therapy and medication to manage the condition. It depends on the diagnosis. Some people might face one episode and others might have a recurrence of it. So a treatment modality is designed accordingly.

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