Understanding Dyslexia

Grade School

  • Has trouble taking away the middle sound from a word or blending several sounds to make a word
  • Often can’t recognize common sight words
  • Quickly forgets how to spell many of the words she studies
  • Gets tripped up by word problems in math

Middle School

  • Makes many spelling errors
  • Frequently has to re-read sentences and passages
  • Reads at a lower academic level than how she speaks

High School

  • Often skips over small words when reading aloud
  • Doesn’t read at the expected grade level
  • Strongly prefers multiple-choice questions over fill-in-the-blank or short answer.


Dyslexia doesn’t just affect learning. It can impact everyday skills and activities, as well. These include social interaction, memory and dealing with stress.

Dive Deeper

  • Hear an expert explain how to choose books for kids with reading issues.
  • Explore books to help young kids practice rhyming.
  • Get strategies for building phonological awareness in your child.

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