7 Things You’ll Never See a Narcissist Do

6. Express Their Real Feelings

The narcissist thrives above all on attention, and there is no more fascinating topic than himself. The extroverted narcissist loves to dominate a room, asserting his superiority and awing others with his intellectual (fill in the blank) prowess. The introverted narcissist also thrives on attention and finds passive-aggressive ways to get it, such as complaining or playing the victim.

But when it comes to his feelings, the narcissist hides, from others and from himself. Narcissists lack the self-awareness to understand the underlying feelings that drive their behavior as well as the courage to make themselves vulnerable enough to share those feelings. The narcissist operates competitively on raw survivalist instinct and is a stranger to his innermost emotional realm.

7. See Emotional Nuance

Though she may be clever, particularly at manipulating people and spotting their vulnerabilities, the narcissist lacks an awareness of emotional nuance and is prone to extremist black-and-white thinking. She tends to either idealize or devalue others, and she projects her own corrupt emotional agenda, believing that others see life as she does — as a series of games or battles to be won. The wide continuum of emotion that healthy beings, especially the most empathetic, experience on a daily basis is lost on the narcissist, who is trapped in her lonely self-protective construction of reality.