9 / 10   Arrange Your Home to Make Life Easier

A few simple steps can make it easier for people with rheumatoid arthritis to get around their house safely and do the things they want, or need, to do. By clearing the floor of any obstacles (like throw rugs or other small trip hazards), moving furniture to create larger walkways, installing handrails in the shower or tub, setting up a bedroom downstairs, and moving frequently used kitchen items to lower cabinets, you can help avoid falls and make your house more accessible to you.


Seek Support

10 / 10   Seek Support

Having plenty of support in your life can also help you maintain a positive outlook, Ziminski says. Friends, family, and fellow members of your place of worship may be able to lend a hand if you ask for help. In addition, many Arthritis Foundation chapters offer support groups, says Ziminski. You may find it helpful to learn ways that others in the groups are managing rheumatoid arthritis.

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