• Have the Right Tools on Hand

    3 / 11   Have the Right Tools on Hand

    If mobility is sometimes a concern for you, have the assistive devices you need — whether it’s a cane, a rolling walker, a wheelchair, or some combination of these — at the ready in your home or in your car.

    “We all use assistive devices such as smartphones or computers,” Dr. Kalb says. “Using a mobility device isn’t giving in to the disease — it’s a way of taking charge of it and using the tools you need to get the job done.”

  • Pace Yourself

    4 / 11   Pace Yourself

    People who live with MS tend to cram everything in when they have a good day because they don’t know what the next day will bring. But that can backfire, Kalb says.

    “Balance activity with rest, and listen to your body. Stop before you become exhausted and hit a wall. Otherwise, you may pay for it the next day.”
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