• Plan for the Long Term

    10 / 11   Plan for the Long Term

    Early career and financial planning can go a long way toward making your life easier. Just as you don’t know how you’re going to feel tomorrow, you won’t be able to predict how your MS will affect you in the years ahead. Ask yourself questions such as, “What kind of work might I do if I’m unable to continue the career path I’m on now?” and “Am I prepared for a period of unemployment?”

    “Taking steps to prepare for the future can help people feel less stressed and give them a sense of control over their situation,” Kalb says. MS Navigators, a service of the NMSS, can help you plan.

    11 / 11   Create an Efficient Home and Workstation

    Organize your surroundings so you use less energy to get things done. For example, put frequently used items within easy reach. Get rid of clutter. Arrange your furniture and other belongings so you can move through your space easily.

    “Think of it as having a certain amount of energy each day,” Kalb suggests. “Do you want to use all your energy getting somewhere? Or do you want to conserve that energy as much as possible so that you can enjoy whatever you plan to do once you get there?”

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