Arthritis symptoms: Seven signs YOU could be suffering with painful condition

Noisy joints

Popping and snapping – caused by air bubbles in the liquid around your joints – can be common in perfectly healthy individuals, but the Arthritis Foundation warns that when this is accompanied by pain, it may be a sign you have arthritis.

Arthritis x-ray

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Muscle lossA feeling of weakness and weight loss due to diminishing muscle, and consequently struggling to lift items that you could weeks previously, may also be an indicator say the NHS.Feeling tiredThe bouts of pain that come with arthritis can mean many sufferers fail to get a good night’s sleep.

The Arthritis Foundation also says that the disease interferes with the body’s production of red blood cells, responsible for carrying oxygen around the body, which in turn can trigger fatigue-inducing anaemia.

Therefore, if you go from having lots of energy to always feeling lethargic, arthritis could be responsible.

While there is no known cure to arthritis, there are treatments to minimise its impact on sufferers.

For osteoarthritis, anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication is usually prescribed, with surgery also an option in very severe cases.

To slow down the progress of rheumatoid arthritis and damage to joints, doctors will suggest painkillers, anti-rheumatic drugs, physiotherapy and regular exercise.

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