Can Water Beads Help Kids With Sensory Processing Disorder? These Squishy Orbs Could Be Just The Thing For Your Kid

If you’ve been in the parenting circuit for a few years, then you’re probably familiar with the phenomenon of water beads. The beads, which arrive like a pack of seeds, swell with water and become large, squishy orbs that are irresistible to little hands. Although the beads are beloved by most children, they might be particularly helpful to one group of kids. With this in mind, can water beads help kids with sensory processing disorder?

Before diving deeper into the world of water beads, it’s beneficial to look at the basics of sensory processing disorders. For starters, consider everything you have to take in just to get through your day. The temperature of the room, taste of your lunch, and sight of your email inbox all affect you in some way, and this information enters your brain through your senses. Sometimes, however, those signals can get overlooked or misinterpreted in the brain, and this condition is referred to as a sensory processing disorder, according to the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder. As you might imagine, this disorder can make the learning process challenging for children. For instance, children with a sensory processing disorder may have difficulty participating in play activities, and they may also be oversensitive to certain textures, as explained by WebMD. It’s common for these kids to dislike touching mud, sand, glue, or other messy substances.

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