Crohn’s Disease Flare-Ups: An Emergency Guide

Prevention of Flare-Ups
To try and prevent future flare-ups, ensure you take your medications as directed by your healthcare team, eat well and exercise, try to avoid stress as much as possible, stay fit and healthy, get plenty of quality sleep, and quit smoking. You may need to experiment with an elimination diet to find out exactly which foods cause you problems. You may need to take supplements or a multivitamin if you are deficient in any areas.

Getting Through the Flare-Ups
Along with your prescribed medications, there are ways that you can help speed up your recovery and ease the symptoms of your Crohn’s flare-up. The following products may be of use and are handy to carry around with you in case of flares.

  • medicated mouthwash
  • flushable or disposable wet wipes
  • protective barrier ointment
  • anti-diarrhea tablets (if approved by your doctor)
  • Tylenol (if approved by your doctor)
  • Ointments to calm anal itching

To help you further, take time off to fully rest and recuperate. You may also want to try sitz baths to help ease any anal discomfort, moist heat and physical therapy (if you suffer from aching joints and muscles).

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