Discovery paves way for multiple sclerosis treatments

The research has been published as part of MS Awareness Week. The paper, Rab32 connects ER stress to mitochondrial defects in multiple sclerosis, is published in the journal Neuroinflammation.

Multiple sclerosis sufferers have welcomed a potential breakthrough in finding treatments for the devastating condition.

Trish Deykin loved her job as a crime scene investigator when she began to experience unexplained symptoms that increasingly interfered with her work. She was 28 when she first encountered pins and needles which made touching water agony.

As symptoms worsened she was encouraged by family and friends at see a specialist and was diagnosed with MS.

She had to take early retirement at 36 and she moved back to Devon in England, from Sussex to be near her family.

“I was absolutely gutted to retire. It was my dream job I’d worked so hard to get there,” she said. Taking life at a slower pace has made a big difference.

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