Symptoms of Thyroid

The symptoms of Thyroid, though varied and non-specific, depending on conditional severity, have health related adversities.

A. Hypothyroidism

Of Hypothyroidism (the more common variety), occurring due to auto immunity i.e formation of antibodies against the thyroid, the symptoms are –

1. Extreme fatigue

(physical, mental or both) and lethargy in most situations. The person falls short of energy and motivational levels to even begin an activity. They face difficulty in getting it done as well. Words like tired and exhausted best describe the general state of patients.

2. Muddled up cognitive process coupled with lingering sadness

. The person becomes increasing confused and depressed.

3. Feeling excessively cold

all the time. Hands and feet get swollen (due to fluid retention) and even go on to become numb.

4. Skin becomes dry

, marked by dry patches and small fine flakes. This occurs due to lack of moisture content in the upper most layer of the skin. Same happens to one’s hair. The latter even start falling off to a large extent. Itching and scratching get hard to resist.

5. Repeated bouts of constipation and other gastro- intestinal issues.

6. Menorrhagia troubles women. They face excessive, prolonged and irregular period bleeding. Further, difficulty in conceiving might be witnessed too.

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