12 Symptoms of Thyroid: The Triggers and How to Keep a Check

Treatment: “It cannot be cured but can be completely controlled. The treatment involves external injection of thyroid hormone to make up for the lack of it the body system,” says Dr. Mithal.


B. Hyperthyroidism

Also called Grave’s disease, it is an autoimmune disease and often results in an enlarged thyroid. It could occur due to stress, genetics, infection, giving birth, etc. The symptoms are –

1. Considerable weight loss. One may shed kilos despite adequate appetite.

2. The individual becomes anxious and tensed. This happens since every bodily function gets speeded up. The rocketed anxiety and irritability may even hinder with sleeping patterns. Even eyes are likely to turn more prominent and ‘popped out’.

3. Skin becomes moist

and sweaty. This is because of increased profuse perspiration.

4. Heart palpitates at a faster rate

, coupled with hand and entire body tremors. The elderly are at a risk of heart failure as well.

5. Diarrhea, though uncommon, is likely, along with other digestive manifestations.

6. Scanty menses

become prominent amongst women folk. Menstrual flow may lighten and occur less often.

Treatment: Patients of this nefarious condition are treated by specific medications, though no single treatment is suitable for all.

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