23 tips for improving your mental health

Write away your woes

Writing down negative emotions and anxieties can be incredibly cathartic. Either make a list of what’s troubling you or keep a wellbeing diary as an emotional outlet.

Target your troubles

The IntelliCare Hub app and its accompanying 12 mini apps target symptoms of depression and anxiety. Download the core Hub app which will recommend the best mini app based on your symptoms, such as “Worry Knot” (for worry management) and “Thought Challenger” (to reduce negative thought patterns). Download IntelliCare Hub from Google Play.

Take a risk every day

Structure and routine are important, but can get you stuck in a repetitive rut. Risks such as talking to someone new, asserting yourself in a meeting or trusting a new confidant can help stimulate personal growth. Assign yourself one manageable “risk” a week and reward yourself upon its completion.

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