23 tips for improving your mental health

Visit the travelling Light Lounge

The frequency of the lounge’s light machines you lie beneath are specifically programmed to entrain the brain into deeper states of consciousness. Many reviewers have reported a reduction in stress and even experienced visions, so why not give it a go yourself? Via thelightlounge.co

Add a 30-second sprint to your workout

This doubles your endorphins and increases levels of noradrenaline, boosting your mood for up to 90 minutes after exercise, say sports psychologists at the University Of Essex.

Boost your instrumental health

A new music app is scientifically engineered to enhance meditation using auditory brain entrainment. Unlike most meditation apps, MindMetro focuses solely on the instrumental. Download from Google Play or the App Store to receive one hour of complimentary music and use before bed for the best sleep of your life.

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