23 tips for improving your mental health

Keep medication in sight

When you’re feeling desolate, medication can be forgotten, or it can be tempting to discard it as pointless, persuading yourself you are beyond help. Keep medication in an obvious place, such as with your morning toiletries, to remind you of its benefits and the danger of sudden discontinuation.

Eat an oily fish a day

Not only do omega-3 fatty acids (found particularly in salmon and mackerel) help prevent cognitive decline, they boost serotonin levels via their content of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Low levels of DHA are linked to depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, memory loss and Alzheimer’s, so include oily fish and (not or) Krill oil supplements in your diet three times a week.

Keep a crisis calendar

Charting lows and highs can help you spot behavioural patterns. A meltdown might be linked to a certain social activity, work duty or a specific day of the week. Awareness of these particular patterns will help you prepare accordingly, so pin a calendar somewhere obvious, jot down your schedule, then mark your highs and lows with two separate colours.

Zen your home

A tidy home creates a tidy mind, so try adding “mindful” murals to decorate your walls. Choose from visually soothing designs including Crisp Pines and Ocean Mist to sit above your bed or desk: two places where inner calm are most needed.

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