7 Stages of Healing for Those with Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Acceptance. This is the best of all the stages because they are starting to open up to understanding the disorder. No longer is it some horrible diagnosis, rather it seen as a gifting. Persons with BPD have a unique talent to not only be aware of their emotions but also the emotions of others. Frequently they can know a person is upset way before the other person even realizes it. This is so useful in many occupations where it is essential to accurately perceive another person’s feelings. Learning how to harness this gift is part of acceptance.
  • Therapy. Now the work begins on developing coping mechanisms for handling stress, understanding the impact of the disorder on others, and healing from a series of traumatic events. Unfortunately this entire pattern is frequently repeated during the therapeutic process as new insights are obtained and consciousness of emotion is achieved. But once a person is on the other side of the process, they function very well and most new people will have no idea they even have this disorder.

It requires a good deal of patience from everyone involved to successfully reach the end of the stages. But once there, the change is beautifully dramatic.

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