7 Tips for Dealing With MS-Related Urinary Problems

Bladder Training

Training your bladder may help to strengthen the bladder muscles. Start by setting a schedule of when you visit the bathroom and gradually lengthen the time between each visit until you can comfortably hold your bladder for a few hours at a time.

Timed/Prompted Voiding

If you sometimes struggle to get to the bathroom in time due to urinary urgency, then this approach may work for you. Timed voiding means that you visit the bathroom to a set schedule to help avoid any situation where you desperately need to go.

If the person needs a caregiver to help them to the bathroom, then they may need to work together to come up with a prompted schedule of bathroom visits.

Kegel Exercises

Not just for pregnant women! Kegel exercises can help strengthen bladder muscles making it easier to hold your urine for longer periods of time.

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