Daily Life With Crohn’s Disease

Traveling with Crohn’s disease

Doing some research and planning ahead of time can help make trips go more smoothly. Here are a few pointers:

  • Talk to your healthcare team about your travel plans. They may be able to offer advice and information about any necessary precautions or immunizations.
  • Research your destination as much as possible so you know what to expect. Besides finding out about activities, places to stay, and what the local cuisine is like, you might want to find out about nearby restrooms, when pharmacies are open, and if water is safe to drink.
  • Take along your healthcare team’s contact information and copies of insurance cards.

If you have an ostomy bag, make sure you tell TSA personnel before you go through security. Check out the TSA’s page for people with medical conditions, and choose “External Medical Devices” from their drop-down menu.

  • Remember to bring along enough medication—preferably in its original packaging, as well as extra tissues and supplies you may need. Make sure the sizes of liquids can go through security.
  • Your diet when you travel should ideally be as close as possible to your diet at home. Bring along dry, packable foods and follow the same precautions when eating out as you would when not traveling.