How multiple sclerosis affects pregnancy

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If MS patients are not pregnant, they will usually take a round of drugs that slow down the disease’s effects. They may also take medicines to lessen painful symptoms.

While the usual drugs prescribed for MS help patients somewhat, they have not proven extremely effective. Recently, researchers have been studying and testing a new drug that will even help patients with severe MS.

These patients usually suffer debilitating symptoms that worsen over time, a form of MS called primary progressive. Until now, they had little hope of battling these severe effects.

Then last week, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the new drug, Ocrevus, for MS treatment. The drug works well in both severe and mild forms of MS, mainly because it focuses on the body’s B cells. Most other approved drugs suppress patients’ T cells instead.

Does this new treatment mean that MS patients will be healed? Unfortunately, no.

Still, the trials for Ocrevus have helped further knowledge about the disease. The new drug also offers hope to patients with severe MS because they previously had no approved medication.

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