How multiple sclerosis affects pregnancy

How Does MS Affect Pregnancy?

For years, many doctors advised MS patients not to have children, fearing that the disease would worsen with childbirth. Fortunately, science has proven otherwise. Many MS patients can have children successfully.

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS has shown to have no negative effects on fertility and childbirth. In fact, patients in the second and third trimesters tend to have fewer relapses, probably because pregnancy causes more proteins and other immunosuppressants to circulate through the body.

While pregnancy may help MS patients have fewer relapses, the child-carrying can pronounce some symptoms. Patients already dealing with bowel dysfunction, loss of coordination and balance, fatigue, and trouble walking may experience worsened symptoms during pregnancy.

Also, most medicines prescribed for MS are not safe during pregnancy. In many cases, the patient can still succeed in having children by working closely with their doctors.

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