10 Home Remedies for Eczema

Hit the gym

Speaking of stress, exercise can help you relax and have some peace of mind, too, Dr. Bordone says. Whether you log in a few miles on the treadmill or take a weekly yoga class, not only will your anxiety melt away—your eczema may, too. (Just make sure to rinse off after your sweat session—being overheated can make the skin condition worse.)

Swap out alcohol

There aren’t any definitive studies to show that a specific diet will have an impact on eczema, Dr. Fenton says. But inflammation has been proven to trigger eczema, he adds, so anything that creates inflammation the body—like booze—can cause the condition to make an unwanted cameo.

 Don’t turn up the heat on the water temperature when you’re in the shower—that dries out the skin. “Wash your hair, face, underarms, groin, and feet,” Fenton says. “Don’t soap the other areas unless visibly dirty.”

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