…Or oatmeal baths

If your skin is highly irritated, soaking in a tub of oatmeal can help calm itchy skin (try a packet like Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment, available on Amazon and at drugstores), Dr. Bordone says. Quieting the constant urge to scratch is important, since itching makes eczema worse. Just remember to keep the water at a lukewarm temperature.

Take a look at your closet

Rough fabrics, like wool, can trigger eczema, Dr. Bordone warns. The material rubs against skin and irritates it. Instead, opt for more breathable options, like cotton. Perfect excuse for a mini shopping spree?

Use a creamy, thick moisturizer

Since dry skin is eczema enemy number-one, regular moisturizing may be the most powerful weapon you have, Dr. Fenton says. For optimal effectiveness, ideally you need to moisturize more than once a day. Creams and salves are better than lotions, and you should avoid anything with a fragrance in it since that can be irritating to the skin. Bonus tip: “Always moisturize within three minutes of getting out of the shower—this helps lock moisture in the skin,” Dr. Fenton says.

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