The Five Most Aggravating Comments about Crohn’s Disease

4. “Have you tried the ___ diet? It’s best for people with Crohn’s”

This one is a doozy! It can be really aggravating when people who don’t have Crohn’s tell you that you should be on a certain diet because it’s best for Crohn’s. Unless you have the same disease or you’re a doctor specializing in the condition, please don’t tell others what is best for their disease. People with chronic illnesses don’t want to get defensive about the way their disease works or defend their life styles, including diets. I know others mean well and are trying to help. But it can be very aggravating when people think they know more about my disease than I do. I’m always up for hearing about diets  — feel free to tell me about them. But please don’t insist I need to be on a certain diet because it’s best for my disease.

5. “You’re on too many medications; it’s not good for you”

There are many opinions out there on whether taking medications is helpful or hurtful in the long run. I know there are natural remedies for various conditions, but sometimes you have to take medications to survive. Trust me when I say that I’m aware medications can have nasty side effects. I may not like taking so many medications, but because I have a lot of medical conditions, I don’t have a choice.

Here’s the bottom line on comments and suggestions about someone’s medical condition: Be aware that they can sting, and feel more like criticism than advice.

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