Living with dyspraxia: ‘As much as I try, I will never be a normal person’

He was “very fortunate”, he says, to have been diagnosed at the age of five, and to have educational support from then, right through third-level. So does he think now, aged 29, that he has been able to fulfil his potential?

“I am getting there. I am still seeking a permanent job and like everyone I dream of the wife and 2.4 children. I don’t think I have fully reached it, but I have definitely come a long way.”

Currently temporarily employed at Titantic Belfast, he believes in disclosing his condition to any potential employers. “As much as I try, I will never be a normal person.”

Although he believes his condition is a factor in not having a permanent job yet, he feels lack of experience doesn’t help and he wishes an employer “would take a chance with me”.

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