6 Tips for Cutting Off Contact with Narcissistic Family Members

Our family has the ability to frustrate us like no one else can. But what can you do when the family you were born into is not only frustrating, but cruel, condescending and downright abusive?

We all have our limits and if you were raised in a household where abuse or mental illness was part of everyday life for you, your willingness to tolerate your family’s bad behavior may be higher than most people’s.

But sooner or later, many adult children of narcissistic families realize that they don’t want to put up with the abuse anymore. And that’s when many decide that the only way they can live a normal, healthy life is to cut themselves off from their family’s destructive behaviors.

Psychologists refer to this as going ‘no contact’ and the name means just that. It means that you no longer speak to, email or have any contact with those members of your family who have hurt you. And you make it clear to them that you would prefer it if they don’t contact you either.

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