6 ways to stop snoring – and get a good night’s sleep

It’s annoying, it’s unhealthy and it can ruin relationships – but how can you beat snoring? We’ve got some top tips from the sleep experts.


How to stop snoring

A recent study found 89% of people whose partners snore will lose on average one-and-a-half hours sleep every night.

Out of this number, an impressively patient half branded their partner’s snoring as merely ‘irritating’, but the other sleep-starved half went a bit further, saying it caused at least one argument every week.

In more harmonious news, 14% of the male participants found their partner’s snoring ‘comforting’.

But let’s be honest, however sweet that might seem, it’s not really true is it? When someone else’s sleeping habits are basically inducing your insomnia, it’s not comforting, it’s relationship-ruining – indeed, 19% of respondents in the survey for anti-snoring spray Asonor said they’d considered breaking up over someone’s snoring.

So, in the name of love, sleep and sanity, what can snoring sufferers do to stop snoring – and, for sufferees, where exactly should you aim your elbow?

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