Crohn’s disease: 29 tips to help you manage

Diet and nutrition

13. Individual treatment – Crohn’s differs from person-to-person. Your diet needs to be tailored to suit your specific needs. Talk to your doctor or a registered nutritionist or dietitian.

14. Healthy eating – get a balanced amount of proteins, calories and nutrients to help manage Crohn’s disease symptoms.

15. Try eating small, frequent meals instead of 3 large meals a day.

16. Soft bland foods may cause less discomfort than spicy or high-fibre foods when the disease is active.

17. Try keeping a food diary to track which foods trigger your symptoms.

18. Menu reminders – when you enjoy a great restaurant meal without irritation or side effects, jot down which items you ordered.

19. If the weather is warming up, you’re at a higher risk of dehydration with Crohn’s, so drink plenty of fluids.

20. Do you need supplements? Ask your doctor if you’re absorbing enoughcalcium, folate and vitamin B12.

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