11 Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder

Symptom: Depression

BPD is frequently misdiagnosed as chronic depression. Though depression is common in people who have BPD, their symptoms tend to manifest a little differently. “It’s a very heavy, profound depression,” says Behary. “It’s loaded with this chronic feeling they have no value and a pervasive sense that nothing matters.”

Symptom: Frequent mood swings

Erratic moods are a symptom of BPD, making it easy to mistake for bipolar disorder. “It’s not the same persistent mood state you’d see in someone with bipolar, characterized characterized by severe manic or depressed episodes that can last for weeks or longer,” says Dr. Oldham. Instead, BPD moods change rapidly, and are often triggered by overreactions to external events. For example, if a colleague was too preoccupied to say hello in the hallway, someone with BPD might suddenly become extremely agitated, says Dr. Oldham. “Small things that wouldn’t even occur to other people to take personally are completely overreacted to and internalized.”

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