7 Tips for Beating MS Fatigue

Tip 1: Exercise Often

According to the Cleveland Clinic, regular physical activity can help fight fatigue related to MS. Sticking with a consistent exercise program can help with endurance, balance, weight loss, and general well-being—all important for people struggling with. However, one caveat: while exercise helps some people with MS, there are others with the condition who won’t experience the same benefit. If in doubt, talk to your doctor before starting any kind of new fitness program—and remember that the goal of exercise is to give you more energy, not make you feel more tired.

Tip 2: Conserve Energy

Energy conservation isn’t just important for the environment, it’s also a key principle for those with MS. What’s your best time of day to get things done—the time when you feel the most energetic? If you notice that you feel less fatigue in the morning, then take advantage of your extra energy to take care of tasks like shopping and cleaning. You can also conserve energy and recharge your batteries simply by taking a nap.

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