7 Tips for Beating MS Fatigue

Tip 3: Review Your Medications

While some medicines including aspirin can help with fatigue management, the Cleveland Clinicrecommends avoiding using medicines to treat tiredness. This is because as an MS patient, you may already be taking other medications, and it’s best to limit the number of drugs that you take when possible.

If you’re taking medicines for other symptoms, check their side effects to ensure that they aren’t adding to your fatigue. Talk to your doctor about each medicine that you take, and work together to determine whether those that cause fatigue can be eliminated.

Tip 4: Stay Cool

MS patients may be especially sensitive to heat. As a result, they may experience more fatigue when they’re in a warmer environment or become overheated. Try these techniques to cool down:

  • Use air conditioning as needed, especially in the summer months.
  • Wear a cooling vest.
  • Take a cool shower.
  • Jump in a swimming pool.
  • Drink icy beverages.
  • Wear lightweight clothes.

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