7 Tips for Beating MS Fatigue

Tip 7: Practice Good Clean Living

Certain behaviors may seem to help with fatigue, but in the end may cause more problems than they solve. While drinking a hot beverage may sound like a good way to wind down if you’re having trouble sleeping, if your drink contains caffeine as is common in coffee or tea, you may be prevented from falling asleep, which can lead to fatigue the next day.

Similarly, while alcohol may help you feel sleepy after you first drink it, it can later make it harder to get a restful night’s sleep. Review your behaviors that may be contributing to poor sleep habits and fatigue, and take measures to stop them.

Awakening to the Problem

Fatigue from MS can wreak havoc on your life for many reasons, both at work and home. It may severely limit the types of activities you choose, and may even result in having to leave your job. So it’s worth it to learn how to manage the fatigue caused by MS. If in doubt about which tips are right for you, talk to your doctor for guidance.

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