9 Highly Effective Solutions For Eczema

These drugs can help relieve itching, says Silverberg. They block the action of histamines, chemicals in the body that trigger an allergic response. Many antihistamines make you sleepy; use these only at bedtime to help you snooze itch-free.

Certain ultraviolet wavelengths can decrease inflammation, boost skin’s resistance to bacteria, and increase skin’s vitamin D levels, says Zirwas. Two kinds work best: Narrowband light therapy exposes patients to ultraviolet-B wavelengths 2 or 3 times a week; broadband light therapy, an older type, also uses UVB wavelengths but requires more weekly sessions. With both, you’ll stand in a tanning-bed-like machine during the sessions (usually 30); treatment time is increased from less than a minute to several minutes. Side effects may include sunburn.