Frustration, Fibromyalgia and a Lack of Accommodations

The other related issue is being given the “talk” by an office staff member. Because you had to cancel your appointments more than twice, you can no longer schedule appointments in advance. Instead, you must call on the day you are able to make an appointment with the hope the doctor has an opening. That is feasible in some instances, but not for special procedures or lengthy appointments. So, the concept of being accommodating comes across as lip service with the intimation of finding another doctor/dentist.

It comes across as a vilified child being scolded and told to sit in the corner because their behavior is inexcusable. I understand that a business is being run and that the cancellation could have been used by another patient. However, there needs to be some leeway.

I recall a dentist manager telling me that I could not schedule appointments in advance anymore, and even though there was always a slot open every day it was for emergencies only. She explained that giving me the option to come in the same day would mean “special treatment that would be unfair to the other patients.” Really? If there is an open slot that is available and no emergency patient exists, why not allow a same-day appointment? Who will know? Why should what other patients think be a concern? It is a benefit to those who require it, thus bringing more patients to your business, not decreasing.

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