5 Things That Help Me Parent a Child With Sensory Processing Disorder

Parenting a child with sensory processing disorder (SPD) can be challenging. Meltdowns, sensory triggers, behavioral issues and self-regulation skills are all issues we deal with on a regular basis. After a year of researching SPD and working with my child, all of these issues still exist. Some days are easier than others. Other days, I wonder what I need to do.

While I’m still trying to figure everything out, I’ve found some things that help me parent a child with SPD.

1. Create a visual schedule.

For a long time, I was hesitant about creating a visual schedule. I’d heard so many wonderful things about having a visual schedule for a child with SPD, but I honestly thought my child was doing just fine without one. But after two weeks of constant meltdown mode, I realized his schedule had changed. Then I decided to try the visual schedule.

And by visual schedule, I mean put each day’s events into writing and make them visible for your child. We use a magnetic dry-erase calendar like this one on Amazon, and I put a magnet on today’s date so he knows where to look.

After seeing all the benefits of having this schedule, I could’ve kicked myself for not doing this sooner.

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