Tips for good mental health


5. Reach out

The people in our lives are a big part of our own mental health. We help each other out, share the good times, and learn from each other.



Connect with others

Social networks are a big part of our overall mental health. Our social networks are the people in our lives who support us, celebrate our successes and help us deal with problems.

There are many different ways we can help each other.

  • Some people are good at dealing with feelings. This can help us feel comforted.
  • Some people are good at helping out, like babysitting or grocery shopping. This can help us manage day-to-day chores.
  • Some people are good at sharing a different point of view. This can help us look at problems more realistically.
  • Some people are good at sharing information. This can help us find better solutions.

Most of us have networks of different people. It might include family members, friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbours and other important people.

Here are some tips for building a strong support network:

  • Ask for help. Others cannot help you if they do not know what you need.
  • Think of new ways to meet people. If you enjoy a particular activity, joining a group or class is a good way to meet others with the same interests.
  • Join a support group. This is a good way to find help for a specific problem.
  • Let go of bad relationships. Some people in our networks might not support us. It is hard, but sometimes we need to let go of these people.

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