7 Myths About Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

6. You have to be narcissistic to be successful. Narcissism isn’t linked to success. Self-esteem isn’t even linked to success. So why do people make this association? It’s partly because we think that self-admiration is always good, and it’s partly because highly successful narcissists are highly visible, like Donald Trump and Paris Hilton. But there are plenty of people who are successful in those fields who we haven’t heard of because they don’t have their own TV show with “Money, Money, Money” playing in the theme song. They’re just as successful; they’re just not on TV.

7. You have to love yourself to love someone else. The reality is that if you love yourself too much, you won’t have any left over for anyone else. Again, keep in mind that if you hate yourself and you’re really depressed, you’re probably not going to be a great relationship partner either. But people with low self-esteem are perfectly good relationship partners most of the time. They can be insecure, but they do care about their partners, unlike people who are narcissistic.