Tips for Boosting Schizophrenia Medication Compliance

If you or a loved one has struggled to stay on a treatment plan for schizophrenia, you’re not alone. Taking medications as prescribed can be difficult for people with this illness. But complying with a treatment plan can help those with schizophrenia improve their overall health and make life more fulfilling. The key is to tackle the reasons that make compliance tough by creating and following an action plan.

Some research shows that more than half of people with schizophrenia don’t fully follow their medication treatment plan. And the reasons are many. Some simply forget to take their medication for a day or more. Others stop taking medication because they don’t believe they have schizophrenia or aren’t convinced they need drugs—a common aspect of the illness called lack of insight. Others forego medication because they want to avoid negative side effects or are embarrassed they need daily medication.

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