Tips for Boosting Schizophrenia Medication Compliance

  • Use reminders. Simple reminder tools can be an effective way to help you stay on your treatment plan. At the beginning of each week, fill a pill box with sections labeled with each day to reduce medication confusion. Put up signs or ask a family member to call to remind you to take your medication. Pair medication time with a regular routine, such as eating a certain meal or brushing your teeth. There are smartphone apps that will help you take your meds as prescribed. Or set a watch or other alarm to prompt you when it’s time. Consider carrying medications with you in a pill box attached to your key chain.
  • Address substance abuse. If you or your loved one uses recreational drugs, seek help to overcome the addiction. People with schizophrenia who abuse drugs are less likely to stick to their treatment plan. Plus, alcohol and drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines can actually make symptoms of schizophrenia worse.
  • Ask about long-acting medications. Talk with your doctor about the benefits and risks of long-acting injectable medications. Many of these antipsychotics are administered once or twice a month and have been shown to increase compliance and outcomes in people with schizophrenia.

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