4 Tricks to Neutralize Narcissists

Psychological studies show that narcissism is on the rise, which makes it more and more likely that you’ll have to work with the highly self-regarding in the future (if you’re not suffering already). We’ve covered the topics of handling your narcissistic colleagues and your egotistical, entitled boss on BNET already, but when it comes to an issue that’s obviously so common and so annoying, there’s a steady stream of new advice.

Now Myra White, a professor of organizational behavior at Harvard, has taken to Management Issues to offer tips on how to handle not narcissistic team members or supervisors, but direct reports, an area that’s sure to challenge newer bosses. Assuming that you can’t simply fire them, how can you get the best work from them while keeping them from torturing you and the rest of your team? White offers four ideas:

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