5 Most Important Tips for Managing Your Nerve Pain

3. Check Your Feet Daily

If the symptoms of your neuropathy are manifest in your feet (as is most often the case), you’ll want to take special precaution to check and care for your feet daily. This is especially important for those experiencing numbness in the feet, as they are more at risk for developing blisters, cuts or other wounds that could go unnoticed. Be sure to check all areas of the feet, including the tops of the feet, soles and toes.

In addition to checking your feet cuts and blisters, take the time to properly pamper your feet. Wash your feet daily using warm water. Dry the feet thoroughly and be sure to get the area between the toes. Use a moisturizer or neuropathy cream on the feet to help keep them from cracking. Be sure to keep your toenails trim and filed and be on the lookout for ingrown toenails.

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