5 Most Important Tips for Managing Your Nerve Pain

5. Boost Circulation

One important step you can take to boost the health of your nerves is to find ways to improve circulation. Proper circulation allows your blood to carry vital oxygen and nutrients to nerve cells in the body. Some effective methods of improving circulation include stretching, drinking lots of water, yoga, massage, elevating the feet, warm baths, proper diet and more.

A few things that can hurt your circulation include smoking, tight or restrictive clothing (especially socks, shoes or pants), sitting for long periods of time and poor diet.

When dealing with peripheral neuropathy, self-care is an important strategy that can help address underlying causes and protect you from additional damage. While working with your doctor to identify the best treatment approaches for your condition, take control of your own situation by practicing these and other self-care tips. Though it may take time, you will see results.

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