5 Tips That Will Lead You to a Successful Keto Diet

I always get questions about how I can stand being on a keto diet – people always assume that it’s extremely restrictive. Well it is, and it isn’t. With a little ingenuity, you can easily replace old habits with new (and healthier) ones. Here are some essential tips for you to utilize in order to ensure a successful low carb diet.

Get a Food Scale

A food scale is a crucial tool to have in your kitchen, especially when on a diet. Accuracy is extremely important when monitoring what you are putting into your body. If you’re counting your calories andtracking your carbs on a regular basis, you will need to know exactly how much you are eating.

Most people measure the amount of food they eat by “eyeballing” it out – which we all know gets us in trouble. That 6oz portion of ground beef really turns out to be 9oz, that spoonful of peanut butter ended up being almost 2 tablespoons worth. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Go buy a food scaleTODAY.

There are certain things I look for when buying a scale, and most importantly include:

  • Having a conversion button – sometimes the apps and websites we use to track our nutrients have a mixture of units on them. Having a conversion button on your scale can easily defer the annoyance of converting this yourself. Make sure your scale has a gram to ounce conversion button!
  • Automatic Shutoff – make sure you research the scale you are buying. If the scales have an automatic shutoff, it can be troublesome to properly measure your food. If you are making a recipe and adding to it as you go, a 15 second inactivity timer would really push your wits.
  • Tare Function – being able to place bowls, plates, and utensils on your scale makes it a lot easier to weight things out. Make sure that your scale has a tare option, which will allow you to place an item on the scale and revert back to 0. Easy measuring at its finest.
  • Removable Plate – cleaning scales can be a huge hassle when dealing with messy foods. Double check that the scale you are buying has a removable plate for easy cleaning. You don’t want to have gobs of week old chicken fat hiding underneath your weighing plate, do you?

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