Signs and Symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder

Hyposensitivities to sensory input may include:

  • A constant need to touch people or textures, even when it’s inappropriate to do so
  • Doesn’t understand personal space even when same-age peers are old enough to understand it
  • Clumsy and uncoordinated movements
  • An extremely high tolerance for or indifference to pain
  • Often harms other children and/or pets when playing, i.e. doesn’t understand his or her own strength
  • May be very fidgety and unable to sit still, enjoys movement-based play like spinning, jumping, etc.
  • Seems to be a “thrill seeker” and can be dangerous at times

Does your child have sensory issues that inhibit his or her daily functioning? At Brain Balance, we believe every child can connect with success. Our Achievement Centers offer the Brain Balance Program® in over 100 nationwide locations(and growing). We work with children who exhibit symptoms of SPD, ADHD, Learning Disorders, OCD, Tourette Syndrome, and Asperger Syndrome. Each child’s program is unique to his or her struggles.

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