What is Pediatric Crohn’s Disease?

Other health problems that can come with Pedi Crohn’s disease

Children with Crohn’s can have other medical problems such as

  • arthritis or joint problems
  • skin problems
  • anemia or not enough iron in the blood
  • osteoporosis or weak bones
  • delayed growth

Some of these problems can get better during treatment for your child’s Crohn’s disease and others will need to be treated separately.

weight scaleLack of growth or delayed development is one of the most important health problems for children with Crohn’s disease.

This is because childhood is a time when nutrition has the most significant impact on growth. If a child is not able to take in enough calories and nutrients they will not grow and develop at a normal rate.
It is very important that the symptoms of this problem be found early and treated so that your child’s growth can return to normal.

What are treatment options for children with Crohn’s disease?

Treatment of your child’s Crohn’s disease can include

  • Medications
  • nutrition supplements
  • surgery
  • combination of these

The goals of treatment are to

  • control inflammation
  • correct nutritional deficiencies
  • relieve and/or control symptoms

prescriuption padTreatment of your child’s Crohn’s disease can depend on

  • where the disease is and how serious it is
  • other complications
  • whether or not your child has responded to other treatments

Symptoms can be well-controlled with proper treatment and it is very important to make sure your child takes the treatments prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Remember that treatments cannot work, or work as well as they could, if they are not taken on a regular schedule.

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