What is Pediatric Crohn’s Disease?

When to Call Your Healthcare Provider

Your healthcare provider needs to know if your child has any of the symptoms in this list.

  • temperature above 101 degrees F
  • stomach pain or cramps that are worse than usual and do not go away
  • more than the usual number bowel movements in a day
  • a change in the consistency of your child’s bowel movements
  • blood in the bowel movement or a change in the amount of blood
  • new rectal pain
  • throwing up for more than 3-4 hours
  • phonevomit that has bile in it (yellow/green color)
  • bloated stomach
  • tiredness that doesn’t go away
  • rashes, especially on the lower legs
  • swelling or pain in the joints
  • swollen or red eyes
  • mouth sores and ulcers

Remember, you know your child best. Trust your judgment.  If your child is experiencing something that you are not sure about or that makes you feel uncomfortable, let your healthcare provider know right away.

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