How To Deal With Eczema In The Winter When It’s At Its Worst

3. Take Short Showers

It’s true: Water is naturally drying to the skin, and extremely hot showers is even worse. To combat eczema, take showers instead of baths and keep your showers short

4. Moisturize

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This seems obvious, but often we only moisturize once or twice a day. Up the ante by keeping your favorite lotion at your desk, in your car, and pretty much everywhere else. Definitely apply moisturizer after washing your hands (see number three).

5. Apply Sunscreen

Water, wind, and temperatures are damaging to the skin, but so is sun exposure. Your hands get the most exposure, especially if you’re commuting to work and they sun is sifting through the windshield. Protect them with a moisturizing sunscreen.

6. Stay Chill

Stress can take your eczema from bad to blistered and bleeding. The stress hormone released when you’re feeling overwhelmed — cortisol — is responsible for inflammation, so stay calm and keep moisturizing. Eating well, sleeping well, and maintaining balance will keep your eczema from getting worse.