The struggle to afford Insomnia Medication

What is the treatment for Insomnia?

Acute Insomnia usually requires no treatment and will go away on its own.  There are things that can be done to help prevent acute Insomnia. Mediation and breathing techniques can help to relax the mind and reduce stress.  Keeping a regular bedtime/wake schedule can help the body identify when to sleep.

Chronic Insomnia requires treatment to manage symptoms.  Most chronic Insomnia is treated with medication to help relax and body and mind.  These can be costly and leave many struggling to afford insomnia medication.

The Problem: Struggling to afford Insomnia medication

With rising healthcare costs many plagued with Insomnia are feeling the pain of affording the medication to manage their symptoms.  These medications are a basic necessity for many.  Without them they would not be able to function throughout the day due to fatigue and exhaustion.

Most insurance plans will cover a portion of the medication once the patient has met their deductible.  For many this means paying a lot out of pocket before their insurance will cover a portion.  Even after the deductible has been met, the patient will still be responsible for the co-pay.  Newer treatments may not yet be covered at all by most insurance plans. This leaves many struggling to afford Insomnia medication.

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